Monday, October 10, 2011

Our present actions affect our future

I attended some university open days that were held quite a few weeks ago, overall my opinions of courses that I am interested have not changed. Nevertheless the experience was beneficial in the sense that I had the opportunity to learn about other courses that may have interested me.
So..what courses am I interested in so far?
1. Optometry (only 30 participants are accepted where I live)
2. Occupational therapy
3. Radio therapy
4. other kinds of therapy..
&my last, last alternative would be business management

blouse: boutique, jumpsuit: Bardot, belt: Forever New, socks: Rubi Shoes, shoes: Temt


  1. Thanks for the comment! I have the same shoes as you! :) Uni choices are hard to make sometimes you end up changing your mind and interests in the course, GL with it :D

  2. good luck on choosing your courses and school =D


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