Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Wanted and The Wombats

The Wanted is one of my favourite boy bands, they are from the UK and are all good looking in their own unique way. Max George would have to be my favourite singer in this band and I'm amazed about how young Nathan is! He was born in 1993
The Wanted is the first actual band where I have liked a majority of their songs, so check them out
Their current song release Lightning has been stuck in my head..

When your lips touch mine
It's the kiss of life I know
I know That it's a little bit frightening
We might as well be playing With lightning

Now The Wombats is also a band from the UK, Liverpool to be exact. I don't really know much detail about the members but the lead singer has longer hair than the average man..
This band also produces music that  I favour a lot too. Unfortunately for me, I could not manage to go their concert which is tomorrow but I really do hope they come back to Adelaide soon!
Here is their latest music video of 1996

Because now it feels like,
We kiss with one eye on our T.V. set,
And the more I give, the less I get,
Using fairground rides just to spark her smile,
Too little hit to miss,
Bring back 1996 Bring back 1996,
I want to beat those teenage kids,
Bring back 1996.

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