Thursday, October 13, 2011

A rarely worn cardigan

I think that it's a good idea to rummage through all your clothes on a monthly basis because
1. You notice the garments that you never wear and either wear it or decide to get rid of it
2. You have a neater wardrobe

There are many ways of getting rid of unworn clothing:
you can sell it, give it away or donate it to charity.
Organise your wardrobe while you're at it too. I organise mine by categorising the jackets, shirts, tanks etc. I then arrange them into ascending colours of warm to cool
How do you organise yours?

My favourite macaroon flavour would have to be pistachio

I noticed that my shorts here are extremely short, but that's its style. I wouldn't wear these without stockings as well because I'd feel uncomfortable.
The reason why I paired these with this outfit was that I wanted to go for the 'no bottoms look' (shown below). I do like how you can see them from under the sheer blouse though

cardigan: Just Jeans, blouse: boutique, shorts: Guess, socks: Rubi Shoes, shoes: Majesty (purchased from Globalize)
These boots have got to be my favourite shoes at the moment, mainly because of their versatility.


  1. that macaron looks so perfect. i had strawberry macarons today, i'm so addicted.

  2. The cardigan is so pretty :) I'm now following you, hope you will follow me back

  3. you are so gorgeous! I love your denim shorts and that macaron!! What flavour is it?
    Come and follow my blog darling!

  4. aww you look amazing in these pics :D lovely blog :)

  5. I love your cardigan and your boots!

  6. RAHHHH I love your boots! :D

    And thanks for stopping by my blog! ^-^ you've got a lovely one going one here! definitely following :) have a lovely night dear xox

    Love, from Julie xox

    Julie's Little World

  7. this is a great outfit all the colours are fab & that cardi is lush! and you have great legs btw!

  8. I love this whole outfit! The cardigan, the blouse the boots, all perfect :)


    esp the sockss ;P:P:P


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